Anin / A Quarter Summer, One Autumn, and Half Winter in the Diorama[Trailer]


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Anin produced this video, somewhat with a different intention. He expressed a complex and dynamic process of cultural adaptation and he chose this medieum to best captures his journey in Denmark, revealing his dialogues with the world outside. We come to appreciate a glimplse of his inner world of emotions and sentiments.


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・ Aiko / Feel Home in Denmark
・ Anin / A Quarter Summer, One Autumn, and Half Winter in the Diorama
・ Changming / Charming in the fairy tale
・ Changming / Chinese students’ eyes
・ Changming / Travels and Adventure
・ Jeeeun / Denmark with Anderson
・ Joy / Why do Danish people do like these…?
・ Kyoko / My first 6 months in Copenhagen
・ Mai / Challenges in the Life in Copenhagen
・ Mai / Studying and Living in Copenhagen
・ Miharu / Life in CPH
・ Pricilia / Food
・ Pricilia / My name is…
・ Yenny / Challenges in Denmark
・ Zhiyuan / A day of a student life in Copenhagen  
Jakarta, Indonesia; UG, sociology, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Oita, Japan

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