Changming / Charming in the fairy tales

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Changming has produced three videos. The theme, the fairly tales, is commonly taken up by many of the students in this project. This one is full of contrasts and irony and humour. We, as foreigners, very much can resonate with his experience–exuberance and ecitement toward a new cultural experience at UCPH as well as a struggle to make friends and being part of the Danish culture and society.


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・ Aiko / Feel Home in Denmark
・ Anin / A Quarter Summer, One Autumn, and Half Winter in the Diorama
・ Changming / Charming in the fairy tale
・ Changming / Chinese students’ eyes
・ Changming / Travels and Adventure
・ Jeeeun / Denmark with Anderson
・ Joy / Why do Danish people do like these…?
・ Kyoko / My first 6 months in Copenhagen
・ Mai / Challenges in the Life in Copenhagen
・ Mai / Studying and Living in Copenhagen
・ Miharu / Life in CPH
・ Pricilia / Food
・ Pricilia / My name is…
・ Yenny / Challenges in Denmark
・ Zhiyuan / A day of a student life in Copenhagen  
Tianjin, China; UG, Sociology, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

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