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Travel to Germany




Travel to Italy



I spent these two days on my bed watching Japanese program. I don`t know the reason, but I feel so depressed and don’t want to do anything. I know, it is waste of time….



I met a Danish guy who studied in Japan last year. We have common Japanese friend. He took me a nice café and treated me to open sandwitch. He was a really nice guy. After broke up with him, I walked around for a while. The sky was totally blue and there was a plane cloud. It was so beautiful. The beautiful whether seemed to encourage me.



It becomes hard to get up early because it is still dark even at 8 am. As always, I went to volunteer in the morning. And after that, I went to the forest which is famous for deer as a mentor-mentee group activity. I met my mentor for the first time in a month. We talked a lot and the cake made by her was pretty good. It was really fun.



I had a plan to meet up with my Japanese friend today. We enjoyed cheese cake at her favorite cake café. We talked about each trip of autumn break and decided to travel somewhere together in winter holiday. In addition, we decided to collaborate to search about Danish education because she is interested in education as well.



We (me and other two Japanese students) observed a demonstration against budget cut of education. This is the first time for me to see a demonstration. I noticed that there are many young generation and they expressed their thought by themselves.



As always, went to volunteer and in the long break, I played with kids doing “police and thief” Since I came here, I haven’t done any exercise, so I became really tired…

After that, we (with my friends) went to Tivoli park and enjoyed Halloween atmosphere. It was a long day. October has already finished. Time flies sooo fast!!



Education team (=me and other two Japanese girls) got together to talk about our activity. We are going to do an interview to a Danish teacher who works at public school and Japanese woman who researches about Danish childhood education. So we picked up items we wanna ask them and shared a role to research about each items before the interview.



I called with my friend in Japan (= my junior member of volleyball club in home university). We have never called with since I came here, so we couldn’t stop talking. After all, we talked with more than 2 hours 🙂 It made me cheerful.

After class, I studied at studenthuset and used electronic dictionary. Danish students asked me “what is this?” I realized it is used only in Asia. Culture difference!!


At Academic English class, the teacher seemed to recognize me and then pointed me sometimes. I think recently my listening skill has improved a little 🙂 Feel happy♡ Positive 🙂



I had a plan to meet up with my Danish friend. We haven’t seen about 2 months so I felt nervous a bit. But as soon as a I saw her, that feeling totally vanished. We chatted about a lot of thing including Danish and Japanese education, how to spend Christmas in Denmark and her internship in Tokyo. She is so kind that she tries to guess and understand what I want to say. After that, we went to Japanese café. She introduced her friend. Today is the day I spoke English the most. I felt so exhausted. Well done :):)




Travel to Stockholm



Third workshop. We shared our project plan. Each student has really nice and creative idea. Kyoko-T and other staff gave me advices about how to use my diary for the project. I need to move on next step.



Education team got together again to share what we looked over about education. We picked up problems and interrogation points of both Danish and Japanese Education and shared what we feel about them. I was really glad to discuss about what I really interested in with them. This is a definitely valuable experience for me 🙂



Happy Birthday for me ♡ I waked up with many messages from Japan and it made me so happy. After the volunteer, we (me and other two Japanese girls) did shopping and prepared for the party together. Although we didn’t have much time, we made some Japanese meals somehow. My Danish, Chinese and Spanish friends attended the party and celebrated my birthday. I was sooo glad that all of them enjoyed Japanese meals and had a hyuggelig time ♡ At first I wondered the party goes well, but finally, it was totally perfect. Thank you Reiko and Misaki ♡ Thanks everyone ♡ All of you made my day :):) It snowed for the first time in Copenhagen. The weather celebrated my birthday as well.

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