Pricilia / Food

Coming to a city with a totally different food culture has indeed been a challenge. A trip to the canteen has been a new adventure as to guess what food it is, the ingredients, and whether it will taste good or not.

When the homesickness stroke and looking for good Asian food restaurant is hard, a trip abroad in the search for a comfort food was needed to be launched. But when the cash is a bit tight, cooking and cooking are the only options. Making us all a very good cook!

Food is an important topic when it comes to intercultural experience. Our homesickness can be dimished simply when you get together with a fellow country person and cook and eat a national dish together. Something familiar, warm and comfort food from your own childhood It is not a cure, but is a remedy for international students as they face the winter.


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Jakarta, Indonesia; UG, International Relations, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Oita, Japan

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