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First I arrived in Copenhagen, I was amazed to see there were so many pigeons on the street, in the park, even in the metro station. They seem to live a comfortable life here, walking across the road with their fat bodies, no one will hurts them. They add beauty to the city and make Copenhagen really peaceful.

Not only in Copenhagen, but in other European places, I wanna say, like a zoo! That zoo, where animals are not closed in the cages, is like a paradise. Once I came to Malmo with my friends to see a football match which unfortunately we failed to get the tickets, we could do nothing but spent a day wandering in Malmo. While, it also gave me surprise. We saw many wild rabbits near the street on the grass. Generally it’s almost impossible to see wild animals like in big cities like Shanghai, unless in the zoo. But here we could see so many lovely animals. They lived harmoniously with residents, or in the other words, they were residents of the city as well. When we approached them, them never felt afraid and meant to flee. They were just friends of people living here.


Following two pictures were taken in a park in Warsaw, when I was travelling in Poland. Cute squirrel and peacock make this long-war-suffered capital city charming and lively.


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