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3-pic_hdBefore I came to Denmark, what I knew about this country was that Denmark is a kingdom of fairy tale and bicycle.

Yes, Denmark is famous for its bicycle. As a student from China, which is also a big bicycle country in the world, I can find there are several similar and differences between two countries.

First the similar, bicycle is so popular in Denmark that you can see bicycles almost in every corner of Copenhagen. The number of bicycles is too big that you might feel a chaos of bicycles. It’s just like China. China has more population, so that in big cities of China, the images of bicycles in the street are more amazing.

And both countries set abundant bicycle paths for those cyclers, which allows people to ride almost everywhere in the cities, except for the highways.

So what’s the difference? One thing is the number of bicycle using is decreasing these years in China while more and more Danish people choose to travel by bicycle. With the development, Chinese people are richer than before, therefore more and more Chinese people get their own car and they prefer to travel by their car. In Denmark, environmental friendly travel is encouraged and many people realize that traveling by bicycle can significantly reduce the carbon emission.

Besides, Danish people use bicycle not only to move from one place to another place simply, most of them also regard bicycle as healthy exercise or sports. Just like jogging, cycling is very popular in Denmark. But in my country, people usually use bicycle as a transportation method.

One more thing, bicycles in Denmark can be taken to the train and metro, which is convenient for cyclers who want to travel far distance. But in China it is not allowed. If you want to travel for a long distance with a bicycle, you can only keep riding it, of course it’s exhausted.


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