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If someone asks me what’s the main difference between city image of Copenhagen and Shanghai, I will not say architectural style or people on the street but say, the graffiti culture.

When I was in Shanghai, I was used to the ‘clean’ cars, trains, house walls and bridges, of which the clean means no graffiti on it. While when I am now in Copenhagen, I can find graffiti almost everywhere in the city. For example, on the wall, on the bus, near the railway, even on people’s face. Once I happened to see a group of young people was creating a beautiful graffiti on the wall. These people seemed so enjoyed in creating their unique arts that I even wanted to join them at that time. Actually, graffiti in many European countries and US is a type of modern art. Denmark is a country that attaches great importance to the art and gives artists nearly infinity freedom to create their work, so that graffiti is so popular in Copenhagen.

I’ve never seen so much graffiti in a city like Copenhagen before I came to Europe. I think these graffiti are so cool that I take many photos of them.

This zebra-like graffiti is beside a construction site. When I crossed it I was deeply attracted by it. It looked abstractly beautiful though it made me sort of dizzy.


I like this graffiti because its Eastern or Chinese style. It draws a cool, abstract hot pot and writes hot pot meaning Chinese on it. Hot pot, a delicious food that people put various kinds of food in a pot of boiled water, is very popular food in China, Korea and Japan. I like eating hot pot very much and, of course, this special huge painting hot pot as well 🙂


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